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This manual contains information on how to use BYSTAMP, the digital authentication solution using a connected device : the BYSTAMP electronic STAMP.

Where do I start?

  • If this is the first time you are using BYSTAMP, read our getting started with BYSTAMP
  • If you are already familiar with BYSTAMP, use the search field to find the topic you need.


The topics in this chapter cover the configuration of BYSTAMP that you will need to do to make the showcase application work.

BYSTAMP Concepts

Before to go further on how to use BYSTAMP, you should master the various terms and concepts of BYSTAMP.

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Getting started

This is the starting point before working with the different part of BYSTAMP.

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Working with Applications

You can create, update, publish or deactivate applications that will be used by Owners.

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Working with Requests

You can validate or refuse Owner or STAMP on your applications.

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Working with STAMP

You can manage STAMP allow on your Applications.

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Using showcase application

The showcase application is here to give you a first glimpse on how to use a STAMP in different situation.

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